Winter Skin Care Routine: How to Travel-Proof Your Skin

Winter travel skin care routine

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You’ve booked your flight, made hotel reservations, and listed down all the sights and restaurants you want to visit. Whether you’re visiting family or jetting off to an alpine resort with your loved one, all signs point to your winter vacation as the fitting end to an equally eventful year. But between fussing over your itinerary and making sure you don’t exceed your luggage allowance (and still have room for all your coats and thermal wear), there may be one travel essential you haven’t given much thought of: Your winter travel skin care routine.

While we like to plan our vacations down to the last detail, some of us are guilty of ignoring our skin care routines while we’re out and about. What you may not realize is that often, your dream vacation ends up being a total nightmare for your complexion. So before you pack your bags and write that out-of-office email response, make sure you read these tips on how to travel-proof your skin!

In-flight skin care routine

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During Your Flight

Long flights can be particularly stressful for your skin as the lack of sleep, cabin pressure, and poor ventilation can trigger dullness, dehydration, and even breakouts. And if that wasn’t enough, you also have to deal with unpredictable cold weather when you land. Here are some in-flight skin care tips to consider.

Keep the moisture going. Great things always come with a little sacrifice. Case in point: Sitting on a cramped airplane chair with barely enough leg room and counting down the hours until you can finally run free on the slopes. And all that time cooped up in an artificial airplane environment can zap out the moisture from your skin, leading to dull, dry, and tired-looking skin. The solution? Squeeze in a quick moisturizing session at the airport or right after takeoff. This will make sure your skin is armed with extra moisture and keep it plump during your long-haul flight.

The Oceanic Gold Pure Ocean Day Cream features a rich, easily absorbent formula that hydrates and balances your skin without leaving any shine or grease. Infused with Manuka Honey Bio Active 20+, grapeseed, jojoba, and grapefruit oils, sea buckthorn berry, seaweed, and aloe vera, it plumps and softens skin, helps cleanse blocked pores, and protects from environmental stressors.

Mist on-the-go. A refreshing face mist is one item you can’t forget if you want to stay on top of your winter travel skin care routine. It’s especially handy when you find your skin becoming too dry mid-flight. Plus, it’s the quickest way to perk up your skin just before you land!

Stash some sheet masks. If you have a particularly daunting flight ahead of you, your skin will need all the help it can get—especially when you’re traveling in winter. That’s where sheet masks come in. Loaded with moisturizing ingredients, they’re a great way to keep your skin glowing and hydrated (even if you’re flying a 10-hour red-eye) or give it a nourishing boost after a day of frolicking in the snow. If you need more convincing, just ask Chrissy Teigen!

Wipe makeup and grease away. You’ve had your snack, nap, and movie, and the pilot just announced that you’re about to start descending. Now is the best time to take all that grease and makeup off your face and start fresh. But let’s face it—no one wants to make a trip to the plane’s restroom unless it’s absolutely necessary. So save yourself the trouble of figuring out how to squeeze yourself in the cramped lavatory and just reach for a cleansing cloth instead. Pre-moistened wipes can rid your skin of dirt, product residue, and excess oil while adding a dose of hydration. Just make sure it doesn’t contain alcohol as this can be drying for your skin.

Don’t forget sunscreen. Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach. Up to 80 percent of UV rays can penetrate cloud cover, which means SPF is a must even when it’s cold out. In fact, ultraviolet radiation can actually hit you twice in the winter as they bounce back when reflected in the snow. Apply sunscreen before stepping out of the plane (or your hotel) and choose broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher.

Winter travel skin care routine

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While on Vacation

You may be able to get away with skipping your toner and serum for a few days, but cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing are non-negotiables—especially when you consider the effects of indoor heating, constant exposure to the elements, and cold, dry air on your skin.

For a trimmed down version of your usual skin care routine, start with a gentle face wash like the Oceanic Gold Ocean Fresh Cleanser to rid your skin of all the day’s dirt, grease, and makeup residue. Enriched with Manuka Honey Bio Active 20+ and nourishing oils (rose geranium, grapeseed, and castor), this cleanser unclogs pores while delivering much-needed moisture to your skin, countering free radical damage, and improving texture and complexion.

Follow it up with the Oceanic Gold Crushed Pearls Facial Scrub, a mildly abrasive, deep-cleansing facial scrub that contains amino acids and antioxidants (from crushed freshwater pearls, Australian kaolin white clay and jojoba beads), Manuka Honey Bio Active 20+, macadamia oil, sea minerals, and aloe vera. It sloughs away dead skin cells, minimizes pores, and improves the appearance of blemishes, discoloration, and scars.

Before calling it a day and heading off to bed, pamper your skin with the Oceanic Gold Rich Mineral Night Cream to keep it armed and ready for another long day of sightseeing in the cold. It features a soothing and skin-perfecting blend of Manuka Honey Bio Active 20+, nourishing oils (jojoba, apricot, and rosehip oils, to name a few), Bulgarian rose floral water, and aloe vera. Aside from its ultra-moisturizing benefits, this night cream restores your skin’s pH balance and brightens and refreshes your complexion, allowing you to wake up with silky smooth and touchably soft skin each day.

It’s easy to get lazy with your skin care routine while you’re away on vacation. When you’re catching up with loved ones, attending back to back parties, or exploring new sights, finding time to sit down and go through your multistep regimen can be tricky—especially if the call of your hotel bed’s crisp white sheets is louder than your skin’s cry for help. While you can be forgiven for not packing up your entire bathroom shelf for your trip, you’ll want to keep a few key steps for your winter travel skin care routine to make sure your skin stays in fighting form.