• Why You Need to Start Your Anti-Aging Routine in Your 20s

    As much as we dread the first signs of aging, most of us don’t really give anti-aging skin care much thought until we are well into our 30s or 40s. So when do we actually need to start our own wrinkle- and gravity-fighting routines? Experts say the time is now. And yes, even when you're still in your 20s.
  • Natural Ingredients: Are They Really Worth the Hype?

    These days, natural skin care is considered a crucial part in one’s quest for a wellness-centered lifestyle. And in the age of Youtube vloggers and social media influencers, it’s easy to get carried away by all the hype. But in the midst of all the buzz, one thing that we still often wonder about is, “Are natural ingredients truly worth it?” And, “Are synthetic ingredients really that bad?” But as with all of life’s important questions, the answers to these can be rarely simplified to a mere yes or no.