Moisturizer Hacks: 5 Surprising Ways to Use Your Face and Body Moisturizer

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When it comes to skin care must-haves, moisturizers are irreplaceable. Whether you have dry, oily, normal, or combination skin, moisturizing is one key step in your daily regimen that you can’t afford to skip out. And as the air gets drier and temperatures get colder, it’s even more important to double down on your head-to-toe moisturizing routine if you don’t want to fall victim to dull and dry winter skin. But keeping your skin soft, plump, and radiant are not the only things your moisturizer can do. As it turns out, these skin savers can have plenty of other uses that go beyond delivering hydration. Curious? We rounded up our best moisturizer hacks that you can easily try yourself!

As a Primer

If you want to make sure your foundation doesn’t slide off your face before you’re even done with your Sunday brunch, then you need to be BFFs with a makeup primer. But if you’re the type who can’t handle too many layers of products suffocating your skin, then your best bet is a lightweight moisturizer. Aside from keeping your skin hydrated under all that makeup, applying a layer of moisturizer also smooths out your skin’s surface and prevents your foundation or BB cream from clumping up or caking.

Try: Oceanic Gold Pure Ocean Day Cream

With its easily absorbent formula and matte finish, this day cream works perfectly under makeup and primes your skin for a smoother and more even application of your foundation. But don’t be fooled by its light texture because this moisturizer packs a wallop when it comes to delivering mega moisture to your skin. Thanks to its ultra-nourishing formula that blends Manuka Honey Bio Active 20+, grapeseed, jojoba, and grapefruit oils, sea buckthorn berry, seaweed, and aloe vera. It helps balance and hydrate your skin, cleanses blocked pores, and protects your skin from everyday stressors.

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To Sheer Out Your Foundation

If trying out and shopping for new makeup leave you tingly and smiling from ear to ear, you’re not alone. But sometimes, all that excitement can lead to impulse buys, and before you know it, you’ve dropped your hard-earned cash for a liquid foundation that’s actually too heavy for your liking. But don’t fret—all hope is not lost. Mixing your foundation with a small amount of moisturizer is a great way to sheer out coverage and texture. This combo also allows your foundation to blend better with your skin, giving it a more natural-looking appearance. Simply mix the two in your palm (play with the ratio to achieve your desired coverage) and dab onto skin with a damp beauty sponge for a smoother application. 

As a Frizz-Tamer

Now here’s a moisturizer hack that you probably didn’t see coming. If you find yourself suddenly out of your must-have hair serum or anti-frizz mist, just grab your moisturizer or lotion and let it tame those annoying wisps and stubborn strands. Rub the lotion or moisturizer between your hands to activate the oils (rub the excess on your skin to make sure it’s not too heavy or creamy) and swipe on the ends of your hair to control frizz. You can also use this moisturizer hack to get rid of hair static. After rubbing your hands with lotion, run them through your clothing to keep it from ruining your ‘do.

Use your moisturizer or lotion to tame frizz or get rid of static.

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To Amp Up Your Natural Glow

Highlighters and illuminators give your skin that coveted shimmer that instantly glams up your look. But if you want to go for a subtler glow, this easy moisturizer hack is for you. Mix a dot of highlighter to your favorite moisturizer and apply evenly on your face to give your skin a hint of dewy luminescence. And if you’ve been itching to try those runway-ready glossy lids, just apply a thick layer of moisturizer over bare lids or your eye shadow to get that glistening finish.

As a DIY Scrub

This moisturizer hack is for those days when your skin is feeling extra dull and flaky but you just ran out of your go-to body scrub. You can create your own quick-and-easy exfoliator by mixing your body moisturizer or lotion with ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen like organic cane sugar, baking soda, or ground coffee. Just go easy on the rubbing to make sure you don’t irritate your skin or cause micro-scarring.

Regardless of season or skin type, moisturizing is a must. And with these moisturizer hacks, you have even more reasons to make sure you keep those jars and bottles of hydration always on hand.